2021 2nd IYSF - Academic Symposium on New Energy and New Material (IYSF-NENM 2021)
Call for paper
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Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Energy Conversion能量转换
New Energy Development新能源开发
Energy Efficiency能源效率
Energy Storage Technology储能技术
Energy Saving Technology节能技术
Sustainable Energy Technology可持续能源技术
Cleaner Production Technology清洁生产技术
Energy science and technology 能源科学技术
New Energy Vehicles 新能源汽车
Power New Energy 电力新能源
Material Physics材料物理
Inorganic Semiconductor Lighting Materials无机半导体照明材料
High Performance Structural Materials高性能结构材料
Green Construction material绿色建筑材料
Technology and Application of New Materials新材料的技术与应用
New Energy Materials新能源材料