2021 2nd IYSF - Academic Symposium on New Energy and New Material (IYSF-NENM 2021)
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For the publication on conference proceedings:

ItemRegistration fee
Regular Registration for Paper (4-6 pages)

Early Bird (Registration Before Aug. 18th)
500 USD/per paper ( 4-6 pages)

3200 RMB/per paper ( 4-6 pages)

Regular Registration for Paper (4-6pages)

Early Bird (Registration After Aug. 18th)
550 USD/per paper (4-6 pages)

3500 RMB/per paper (4-6 pages)

Manuscript numbers ≥ 3

500 USD/ per paper (4-6 pages)

3200 RMB/per paper (4-6 pages)

Extra Pages (Begin at Page 7 )

50 USD/ per extra page

300 RMB/per extra page

Attendees without Submission

Early Bird (Registration Before Aug. 18th)
180 USD/per person

1200 RMB/per person

Attendees without Submission

Early Bird (Registration After Aug. 18th)
240 USD/per person

1500 RMB/per person

Attendees without Submission (Groups)

150 USD/per person(≥ 3 person)

1000 RMB/per person(≥ 3 person)

Purchase Extra Journal75 USD/book

500 RMB/book


1. Early bird discount only for authors who complete registration by Aug. 18th, submissions on Aug. 18th are time-barred and no longer eligible for the discount.

2. Each accepted paper registration includes 1 free participant quota, other authors or scholars can register as normal participants.

3. All the above fees can be invoiced, invoice information can be registered in the registration system.

4. If you need to cancel your paper after it's accepted and registered, you will be charged for 30% registration fee.


Details of the attending registration

Join as Presenter: If you are interested in giving presentation on conference, without publishing your paper in the proceeding, you can choose to attend IYSF-NENM 2021 as a Presenter. As presenter, you need to submit the abstract and title of your presentation before register. For further information, please contact us at: nenm2021@163.com

Join as Listener:  IYSF-NENM 2021 is an unmissable conference. It is a good chance and an effective platform to meet many renowned experts and researchers in the filed of latest academic research. You are welcome to attend this great event. You need to complete the registration as Listener before the registration deadline.